About Us

Prairie Bee Designs combines all the things I love: handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, personalized pieces of art made of shiny metal, colorful bling, words, and letters. I started out making jewelry that celebrated the PEOPLE in life: my three wonderful boys and my incredible husband. I wanted to make something tangible that symbolized my love for them and helped me, literally, keep them close to my heart. So I stamped and pounded and crafted in pieces of metal. From there, I started to celebrate the TIMES of our lives and all the roles I play ~ I am a very proud Band Mom and Boy Scout Mom and Bird Lover and Tree Hugger and Rescue Dog Pushover. 

Soon, my sister and my mom and my friends were asking for story pieces, too. So I extended the story-telling for their tales of soccer games and  Sunday School and favorite quotes. It has been an honor to help friends celebrate a new baby or get caught up in a bride's gifts to her bridal party!

That is the joy of what I do: helping people tell, and hold onto, the stories that give our lives texture every single day. 

Thanks so much for checking out Prairie Bee Designs. I hope your story is a page-turner with lots of happy chapters.

~ Peggy